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Cavalier's Citadel


Table of Contents


``The same that oft-times hath Charmed magic casements, opening on the foam Of perilous seas, in faery lands forlorn. ''

  - John Keats 1795-1821


Welcome all who find themselves in this, my realm.  This site is dedicated mostly to my campaign based loosely on Dusk: the World of Carthasana.  This site is also dedicated to dispelling the undeserved bad reputation of the Player's Option rules supplements for AD&D.   To that end I have tips and house rules to get DM's new to the system on their feet before the characters start to run the show,  and some NPC's and monsters built with Player's Option in mind.  I've also got a multitude of other odds and ends that might interest you.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy.  As always I welcome any and all feedback offered to me, you can use my submission form on my feedback page, or e-mail me with your thoughts, suggestions, or submissions at  


Dalsundria contains everything that I have to date about the lands, deities, and people of Dalsundria and it's encompassing world.

Personalities contains NPC heroes and villains, as well as monsters fleshed out for the use of Player's Option.  All entries contain a detailed background and personality. 

Mechanics contains house rules and tips to help experienced and novice DM's

My links page is just a standard list of sites I find worthwhile or entertaining.

My feedback page contains my discussion board, where you can post your messages and thoughts for all to see.

I have also included a site map on my Table of Contents page for conveniences sake.



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